Spanish Immersion

Our Spanish immersion program is a fun, relaxing way for children to be introduced to another language. A specialty Spanish teacher comes to each class daily to teach children songs and conversational Spanish without ever forcing children to memorize vocabulary.


Sport Enrichment Program

Through our partnership with Amazing Athletes, we are able to provide an inclusive all ages sports program where children learn about different sports, muscles, and healthy eating.


Parents' Night Out

Once a month on Saturday we offer a movie night for children from 4 PM until 8 PM. Parents get to enjoy a night out knowing their child is having fun with friends. We feed supper and do activities and then watch a movie at the end.


Holiday Care

As we know, the holidays tend to get a little stressful especially when you have little ones running around the house. To help with this, we are open on holiday dates as well as summer dates for you to have the time you need!

School Meals

Our Child Nutritionist locally and organically sources and prepares school meals that include a variety of fresh and multi-cultural foods. Following with Maria Montessori's belief that each child is fully capable, all of our children use real ceramic bowls and plates and metal utensils. Teaching to respect and waste less, children carefully learn how to use the dishes and also learn about not wasting on paper plates or cups.